Sharing Breafkast with Cindy & Craig Corrie and Huda Giddens: Palestinian Rights & Social Justice Activiists

Sharing Breakfast with Cindy & Craig Corrie and Huda Giddens
Palestinian Rights & Social Justice Activists

This morning, at the Fertile Ground Guest House in Olympia, WA, I shared breakfast with Cindy & Craig Corrie and Huda Giddens. Our conversation ranged from the Palestinian/Israeli conflict to the Co-op Conversation at the Olympia Food Co-op, alternative social justice education for children, land grant colleges, facilitating groups in conflict situations, personal stories and much more. What a way to start the day! For more about Cindy, Craig & Huda’s social justice activities check out this link.

PS: Because of my role as a paid facilitator at the Olympia Food Co-op I cannot endorse any political position that reflects on my work at the OFC. Which this does. When the Co-op Conversation project is concluded & I’m released from my contract, I’ll gladly share where I stand on the Palestinian/Israeli conflict.

Peace, Boballa