Climate Change Continued—NYC Mayor proposes 19 billion to defend NYC from raising tides

globe_east_2048   NYC’s mayor proposes 19 billion to defend NYC from the raising tides of climate change. This an example of how the rich will respond to global warming—build infrastructure to defend the rich nations as the poor will be flooded out of their homes .

Of course, reducing carbon emissions is the real answer to the climate crisis. But wait, that would take major political will. Who has that? Not in Washington. Do we?

Peace, Boballa

Climate Change: Franken-Decisions on the Horizon?!

globe_east_2048Climate Change

Franken-Decisions on the Horizon?! 

We humans need to stop drinking the Kool-Aid. We cannot continue burning fossil fuels. We in the developed world deceive ourselves in thinking our energy efficient devises; cars, appliances, organic food and recycling will turn the tide. It hasn’t! The consumption of fossil fuels keeps going up and up.

As everyone knows greenhouse gases have reached 400 ppm. We are nearing the point of no return. The tipping point has arrived. What are the options to arrest global warming?

1)  A sea change about consumption and how it relates to our economy and life style. Sure I’m all for it, but can it happen in the near future? Hope so, but don’t hold your breath. What are we willing to give up? And who is going tell an African that they can’t have our basic necessaries like refrigeration because of the carbon footprint? What is needed is a global social revolution. That’s a tall order. Can it happen in time?     

2)  A carbon tax? A great idea, it would reduce carbon emissions by 80% in 50 or so years, if everyone were on broad on a global scale. Do we have the time to create the political will to get this done? That up to us, isn’t? Hint; tell your neighbor that they need to pay $10/gallon for gas to save the planet. See what they say.

3)  Should we place our bets on solar and wind? Barring a technological break through, alternative energy will not replace fossil fuels. Alternative energy is unreliable. The question is how to store the energy that is produced when the wind blows and the sun shines and use it when needed. Are we willing to invest the time and resources to solve this problem? And what’s the time frame needed for results?

If a social/ecological/technical revolution doesn’t manifest in the near future what are the alternatives?

1)     We could say, “screw it” and party on! Wine, (gender of your choice) and song.  


Franken-Stop Gap measures to buy us time to get our game together.


1)    Nuclear Power: Building phase IV plants in an effort to stop fossil fuel production of electricity. The question is what’s are the risk factors compared to fossil fuel emissions?

2)    Using GMO technology to create climate change resistant foodstuffs. Once again what are the risk factors?

We have some decisions to make. Hopefully, we can avoid Franken-Decisions! It up to us, isn’t it?