My News Sources: what are yours?


Here’s my approach to the “News”.  I try to come from a space of “not knowing”, non-judgement and wisdom. Hopefully, this allows me to make informed opinions. I also make an attempt to view/read other news sources outside of my opinion bubble. Do you?

Here’s my news sources:

  1. Oregon Public Broadcasting (NPR)—local, national & world news
  2. New York Sunday Times
  3. The Economist Magazine (world business, cultural and political news)
  4. BBC radio (viewpoints NEVER heard in America)
  5. Street Roots (local weekly paper focusing on homelessness and poverty in Portland)
  6. Loin’s Roar (Buddhist magazine—informs my spiritual practice)
  7. Several Co-op newsletters focusing on the co-op movement
  8. Labor Notes (rank and file news from the labor movement)
  9. Occasional forays into right wing blogs to see what’s up in conservative thought.

The digital age has flooded us with news and opinion. All the more reason to step back and dig deep into the sources of our news feeds. Fact check as much as possible. Be open to other sources.

Peace, Boballa